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Apple shares fell 3% on rumors of weak sales of iPhone 6s

Apple shares fell 3% at the opening of the Nasdaq on Monday amid poor forecasts for sales of iPhone 6s. Before the action of the American giant closed at $of 119.8. However, at today’s trading price has slipped. At the opening of the exchange on Monday, the value of securities fell by 3% to $115,6.

Most analysts expect iPhone sales growth will slow down c 35% for 2014 and next few quarters will be slightly above zero. “Sentiment regarding Apple changed”, — quotes RBC of the note by analysts of the German Bank Berenberg. In their view, investors dumped the shares on a potential negative review and amid growing speculation about the decline of sales of the iPhone.

Analysts specializing in Apple, who usually are optimistic, recognized the concerns of the prospect first fall of sales of the iPhone on annual basis since its appearance on the market.

Last week gene Munster of analyst firms Piper Jaffray wrote in a note to clients that one of the main issues is how the growth of sales of smartphones Apple will reflect data on iPhone 6 for the IV quarter of 2015. “Based on interviews with 15 investors over the past week, we believe that there are expectations of a slight decrease in its iPhone on an annual basis”, — quotes its forecast source.

According to Munster, in 2016, sales will grow by 3%, which will be a sharp decline with growth of 25% in the 3rd quarter, which Apple is expected to announce this week.

On Friday, October 23, shares of Apple rose 3% after the publication of Morgan Stanley, which predicted the increase in iPhone sales in 2016 of 7% on the basis of research demand in the United States and China. Katie Huberty from Morgan Stanley has announced that it is expecting in the next quarter at least “small” growth in iPhone sales, although largely at the expense of last year’s model. She noted that consumers pay attention to screen size and power, the ratio of sold iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s is higher than many expected.

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