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Apple shareholders voted against the proposal to hire more Asians and blacks in the management of the company

This week held the second in this year’s shareholders meeting Apple, which was put to the vote the proposal to diversify the ethnic composition of the top management of the company. The user was asked to reject the proposal on the grounds that now it pays a lot of attention to the employment of racial and ethnic minorities.

According to the results of voting, the majority of shareholders voted against. 95% of the votes (of 2.83 billion in terms of stock) was expressed by against, and only 146 million supported the proposal, abstained 135 million Brokerage shares without the right to vote by proxy amount this year to 1.45 billion.

Since “Yes” was only about 6%, Apple has every reason to ban the discussion of similar proposals in the future.

Tony Maldonado and Zevin Asset Management, first put to the vote the question of the ethnic diversity of the leadership of Apple was unhappy with the results:

“Apple just lied to investors, to be honest, – said Maldonado in an interview with The Verge. They deceived everyone, saying: “Look, we’re all fine. Don’t worry about it. All right.” However, I believe that the shareholders do not know everything”.

For its part Apple says is currently making enough effort on this issue. As evidenced by the reports on the diversity of work in this direction is underway.

According to the November report, 73 out of 107 of Apple executives and senior officials are white men. Over the last 12 months in the company’s management there was one Hispanic and two Asian. Although the report lists only three African-American males.

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In Cupertino stressed that the diversity is of great importance for innovation and the future of Apple, noting that the statistics of the authorities differs from the internal statistics of the company.

“Report on equal employment opportunities are not keeping pace with changes in the industry that have occurred over the past half century, – is spoken on the official page of Apple. – We believe that the information on the diversity of employees provided on this page is more accurate”.

Apple representatives noted that they are actively trying to attract racial and ethnic minorities, but “can’t be responsible for what employees will come under the essential requirements”.

Apple emphasizes all the time that the issues of ensuring social and cultural diversity, it goes beyond such traditional categories as race, gender and nationality, and takes into account features that are “not usually used”, for example veteran status hostilities, sexual orientation, disability. The total number of staff of the company worldwide is around 100,000 people.

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