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Apple sells payments between smartphones iMessage, voice calls and email messages

Transfer money easier and faster. After the launch of Apple Pay, Apple intends to turn the service into a peer to peer payment system that is connected with Bank account and allows users to send money to anyone. A corresponding patent application of the company published on the website of the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA.

Payments between smartphones implement iMessage. This means that the recipient is not obliged to give anyone your email address or payment details. Man enough to send a normal text message, which you can access at any time.

In the illustrations to the patent shows the application window with the iMessage button to “Make payment”. Clicking on this button leads to a menu with a choice of payees from the address book window to specify the required amount and click on “Confirm payment”. After the user receives the message, he needs to click “Accept” to get the money that will be transferred to his account within a few minutes.

Select iMessage as a means to transfer money is justified. “At the moment it is one of the most commonly used standard programs on the iPhone. Special popularity it has among young users,” reports Quartz. Peer-to-peer payment service Apple will be linked directly with the contactless payment system Apple Pay.

In the future, Apple intends to implement the possibility of sending money to users that do not have the “Apple” of the device. According to the patent application, to receive and send money can be via phone calls, emails, and even invitations in the calendar. How will implement these features, not specified.

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Apple Pay, which will be built peer-to-peer payment system, was introduced in September 2014, and its official launch on the American market took place in the second half of October. The system allows iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch to make payments in stores and on the Internet in a contactless manner — using a communication technology short range NFC. Currently Apple Pay works in the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. In the beginning, the technology should earn in China.

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