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Apple self-driving car had an accident

24 Aug 2018 unmanned vehicle Apple RH450h Lexus collided with another car. Apple is not at fault in an accident, reports MacRumors.

In accordance with the data provided by Apple, August 24 at 14:58 local time, the car company was moving in Autonomous mode. The accident happened when the car wanted to change lanes. At this point in the rear of the Lexus RX450h crashed Nissan Leaf. Drone Apple was moving with a speed less than 1.6 km/h and the Nissan Leaf is 24 km/h. Both cars were damaged, nobody was hurt.

Apple is testing unmanned vehicles on the roads Cupertino from the beginning of 2017. But this is the first time when the car companies crashed.

Self-driving cars Apple is equipped with many sensors and cameras, and although they are offline, and each car sits a driver and an assistant. The fleet consists of more than 60 unmanned vehicles.

It is not known why Apple is developing self-driving cars. Perhaps in the future the company will sell its software to other manufacturers. There is also a rumor that in 2025, Apple will release its first car.

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