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Apple says that iOS has closed most of the vulnerabilities that were used by US intelligence agencies

Apple has already closed a significant portion of vulnerabilities that, according to WikiLeaks, used by us intelligence agencies to access the iPhone they are interested in. this is stated in the statement of the California giant.

An Apple representative said that the company will continue to work on the security of the iOS operating system and asks users to promptly install updates. In Cupertino added that so far only skimmed the materials published by WikiLeaks.

Before WikiLeaks posted the first batch of leaks from the center kiberrazvedki CIA, including over 8,700 documents and files. Published data, in particular, indicate the existence of global programs for hacking different kind of smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, Android device and even Samsung TVs.

The division of the intelligence Department, responsible for mobile gadgets have developed various methods “for remote hacking and control popular smartphones”. Infected phones could be given the command to send to the CIA data about a user’s location, turn on the camera, also gives access to conversations, text of correspondence.

“The Wikileaks documents, if true, contain tables with the iOS vulnerabilities that allowed the CIA to monitor users the iPhone, and in some cases, to manage their devices. Some exploits have been developed by the secret service, some were bought or downloaded from non-governmental sources,” notes Techcrunch.

Although Apple products do not is most prevalent in the world, it is very popular among “public figures, political, diplomatic and business elite,” said WikiLeaks. According to the newspaper, the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt-on-main is a “secret hacker base” of the CIA for the organization of cyber attacks around the world.

The authenticity of the documents by WikiLeaks has confirmed a former employee of the national security Agency, USA Edward Snowden. On his Twitter page he wrote that he still continues to analyze the released documents, but may point out the importance of the published data.

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