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Apple sanctions have removed Iranian app developers from the App Store

Apple in droves to remove App store apps, created by developers from Iran. About it reports the edition Techrasa, according to which from the store is gone app Digikala is Iran’s largest Internet retailer.

Apple to open App Store for users from Iran in September last year, as the weakening American sanctions against the country. Although in Iran there is no official App Store, local developers register their apps in other regions, bypassing the restrictions of the United States.

App Iranian platform online trading Digikala payment system Shaparak, which is isolated from the international system and does not violate Apple’s rules for developers. However, due to the new policy, the app disappeared from the store. The developers have received the following notification.

“Unfortunately, for Iran is not available on the App store. In addition, your app serves the transaction of business or legal entities in Iran, contrary to sanctions Ordinance (31CFR part 560). For this reason, at the moment we are unable to place your app in the App Store. We suggest you resubmit your application for consideration after will change the international trade laws”, – stated in the message Apple.

We will note that earlier in the framework of sanctions against Crimea, Apple has blocked local residents access to the App Store, and developers were forbidden to use the site On the Peninsula it is impossible to officially develop apps and software download for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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