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Apple Russified function predictive typing in iOS 9

In iOS 9 Apple Russified function of predictive typing. It is implemented in the form of a special panel of the tips located above the keyboard block iPhone and iPad.

Talking about keyboard QuickType technology, which first appeared in iOS 8. While typing, the keyboard has options for the continuation of the phrase based on past conversations and writing style. Moreover, the system considers that the Messages the user most likely uses a conversational style, and a letter Mail is more formal. The best option for the next word, you can choose “one touch”.

Although Apple has provided an interface for the development of “non-native” keyboards, a native app will be a decent alternative to high-speed methods of typesetting in Russian predictive input. In addition to correction, familiar from previous versions of iOS 9, the keyboard is not only completes the word by the first letter, but also predicts the following words depending on the context. Take into account the content of the dialogue and the name of the recipient. In addition, the app keeps track of the writing style of the user.

The main changes to the operating system iOS 9 steel improved performance and search. Radical changes in the design of the platform was not followed. Among the key new features, highlight features, allowing you to run the application by setting the desired ratio of the width of the Windows, which is important for iPad users.

In iOS 9 voice assistant Siri has received a new interface, with a recognition accuracy of requests increased by 40%. In addition, OSes are built-in analog Flipboard – app News, offering the user a personal selection of articles and the latest news on selected topics and publications.

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To try iOS 9 can now attend. The first beta version of IOS available without a developer account. More information can be found here.

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