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Apple returned to the canadian money for Apple Watch after complaints of burns

A resident of Canada contacted Apple to complain about the fact that “smart” watch Apple Watch burned the skin on her arm. At first the company refused to return the money, but after several complaints went to the woman to the meeting.

As told to Annie Joan, the incident occurred during long car rides, when during the 7 hours Apple Watch was in the bright sun. This metal enclosure is overheated, which caused a burn on the wrist. Before that 48-year-old canadian was wearing the Apple Watch for three months without any incidents.

In the Apple store, where Joan turned to return the electronic device, take the product and refund its cost initially refused, citing the fact that the burn was caused by improper use.

According to the woman, after her third visit and conversation with the Manager of the store she went to the meeting and will refund the price of the Apple Watch. In the Apple Store offered to replace the watch is new, but she refused, fearing the emergence of a new burns.

Apple has not yet commented on the incident. On the official website of the company said that the smart watch repeatedly tested by leading dermatologists for allergic reactions. However, there are people whose skin is particularly sensitive to certain substances and, in particular, to the methacrylates and Nickel: for them, the decision is a refusal to wear the Apple Watch.

In addition to possible reactions to the materials, Apple notes that tightening too tight bracelet may cause irritation, and are too free — grate. Do not forget about hygiene of both the watches and straps, and human skin.

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