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Apple resumed sales of LG monitors UltraFine 5K after solving problems with interference from the router

Apple resumed sales of LG monitors UltraFine 5K in retail stores in the United States and Canada. Sales were discontinued in mid-February after discovering problems in their work.

After the start of sales of LG monitors UltraFine 5K, created, allegedly, exclusively for use with MacBook Pro, users have started to criticize the device because of their unreliable work.

While near Wi-Fi routers, the user may face a number of challenges in its work, including the appearance of flicker, separation and hang connected computer from electromagnetic interference. In some cases the source of problems and generally can not be identified.

The LG has acknowledged the problem and promised to equip LG UltraFine 5K with additional shielding. The company promised that the new batch of devices, the problem will be completely solved. Now everyone can buy a fixed monitor in the online Apple store.

LG UltraFine 5K was announced along with a new MacBook Pro in the fall of 2016. Until the end of March, the monitors will be sold for $974, after which the price will increase to the original $1299.

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