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Apple responded to the questions Senator al Franken on Face ID

Shortly after the announcement of the iPhone X U.S. Senator al Franken contacted Apple with a request to explain how it works Face ID and how Apple protects user data. On 17 October he received a reply.

Apple Vice President Cynthia Hogan sent the Senator a letter in which spoke in detail about the new technology. Hogan refers to an article about Face ID, published on the Apple website. It describes in detail about how the 3D camera detects a face, keeps and processes the information received.

Hogan explained that the Face ID tracks the gaze of the user and unlocks the smartphone only in the case if the person is looking directly at the screen. 3D camera creates three-dimensional “map” of the face and sends her to a special area of the processor called the Secure Enclave. It obtained data is processed and converted into mathematical form. All information included in the Secure Enclave, is processed only on the device and is not sent to Apple. Moreover, if the scanner Face ID to see that it wasn’t a real face and a photo, it will automatically interrupt the unlock process.

After receiving the letter Senator al Franken published his response:

“Often faced with new technologies, the existence of which was unimaginable a couple of years ago. They can be useful for business, for the economy, for the people. This raises the important question of how these technologies are safe. The issue of data confidentiality. I appreciate the desire of Apple to contact the office of the Senate podkomiteta on issues of private information. I am glad that the company takes measures to ensure safety of the users. In the future I will contact her to find out more details on the work of technology.”

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Cameras that recognize faces, appeared for a long time. Such were the Nexus and Samsung. But it is an Apple product made noise in the network because the iPhone X technology is implemented quite differently. It is faster and safer.

iPhone X will go on sale on 3 November. Pre-order the novelty can be arranged for 27 October.

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