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Apple responded to the complaint of advertising agencies

Recently, a group of six companies involved in the development of advertising on the Internet, criticized the Safari browser. They are not satisfied with the new system of protection from data collection by third parties. Apple responded.

They published an open letter, which insist that the data collection helps to develop online advertising. Thanks to technology, tracking sites show the unique and most appropriate advertising banners for each user.

Apple wrote a counter-letter, which stated that the security and confidentiality of data for the company above all else, and also explained the principle of the new function.

The tracking of advertising is now so widespread that the advertising providers will not be difficult to track and fully restore the browsing history of each user. This information is sent to advertisers without permission and used to transfer the ad units. Because of this, people often see the same banner on different sites. Smart protection collection of data in Safari will block the forwarding of advertising and will automatically remove information about users who fall into the hands of third parties. Itself is not going to disappear, and web sites will work and earn money in the same mode.

Previously Apple’s WebKit blog entry, in which he argued that users lose confidence in the product when they notice that they are being watched. They don’t like in their private life interfering with advertisers using their browsing history for commercial purposes.

Protection of data collection by third parties was presented at WWDC 2017. It will be available with the release of macOS High Sierra and iOS 11.

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