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Apple representatives contacted the relatives of the girl from Kazakhstan, charred from the explosion of the iPhone 5s

The story of a resident of Kazakhstan Ardak Orynbasarova, injured from the explosion of the iPhone and more than a week lying with burns in the hospital, was continued. As it became known, the Russian office of the Apple became interested in the incident. Through the office of the local newspaper they came out on the victim.

According to the newspaper “Diapazon”, the representatives of the Moscow office this week contacted the relatives of the girl who suffered from the explosion of the iPhone 5s.

Have Ardak annealed legs, arms, back and face, according to doctors, 30% of the body. 28-year-old resident of Aktobe city for more than a week with burns in the hospital. iPhone 5s was purchased in April of 2015. The fire happened at night when she slept. After the incident, the day she lay in intensive care, and the next day she was transferred to the Department of traumatology.

According to the attending physician, Ardak burns second or third degree, in addition, the carbon monoxide poisoning. “This is the first patient who came to us after the explosion of the phone – said the doctor. – We warn all the friends to be with them careful.”

Earlier the girl said that before going to sleep, she put the iPhone on charge and put it next to the bed. However, it later emerged that the phone was “not charging” and lay on the bed beside her.

Fire girl burned iPhone, a bed, a laptop and a mink coat. Many Internet users wondered why these things were burned. Later she explained that the next morning she was going to the event.

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“I prepared all things, even the coat off the hanger. And at night I felt as if I was pushed. When I woke up, the bed was already on fire. The fire went from the iPhone, but he was not in charge. The charger was burned because of the fire. To me already came from the cellular interior. I’m not going to cash in because of what happened, but you’ve got to understand,” she explained.

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