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Apple rented in San Francisco a testing ground for Autonomous driving “iCar”

A project of its own electric car Apple is developing faster than expected by experts. According to the newspaper The Guardian, as part of Project Titan, the company leases the site for testing prototypes of the vehicle from jony Ive.

According to the newspaper, Apple’s interest in the special polygon GoMentum Station, located on the territory of the naval base in San Francisco Bay. It is noted that the company’s engineers plan to test Autonomous driving system “iCar”. The tests will involve a prototype vehicle equipped with various sensors and cameras.

“This polygon is ideally suited for testing cars with autopilot. It allows you to recreate a variety of options road situations, including urban conditions,” said automotive expert.

The information that Apple was interested in GoMentum Station, said the owner of the site Randy Iwasaki, who refused to comment on the issues because of the agreement that he should sign with the company.

According to German press reports, Apple CEO Tim cook and other executives recently met with representatives of BMW in Leipzig and visited the production line of hybrid car BMW i3. This car can be the basis of the “iCar”, experts say.

According to preliminary data, Apple is working on its own electric car, one of the distinguishing features of which should be an advanced autopilot.

Earlier it was reported that a car from Apple will be available by 2020. This time line can be considered the company’s desire was one of the first to enter this market — some manufacturers say that driverless cars will start to appear not earlier than this deadline.

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