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Apple renamed iTunes Podcasts in the Apple Podcasts

Apple renamed the iTunes Podcasts in the Apple Podcasts. The relevant announcement published on the company’s official website, in the reference section of the documentation.

“Apple’s Podcasts is the best place to find new audio materials for information, entertainment and inspiration. Millions of people around the world every day listening to your favorite shows. Competent and effective promotion will help you to reach a new audience,” reads the website of the company.

The creators of podcasts, Apple has offered new icons and a label that says Apple Podcasts, as well as recommendations for the use of the logo. The creators of podcasts is forbidden to place a company logo or change the image of the badge in photoshop. Russian users of the proposed label with the inscription “Look on the Apple Podcasts”.

Apple’s decision to abandon the brand iTunes Podcasts in favor of Apple Podcasts may indicate upcoming failure of the company from the iTunes player. It is expected that the company will make an appropriate announcement in June at WWDC 2017.

Instead of a single multimedia processor Apple, existing since 2001, the company may promote desktops new apps Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, on mobile devices.

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