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Apple removes popular app from the App Store

Recently Apple started to remove Iran from the App Store and the media drew attention to it. The company says that to blame the US sanctions. This information reports The New York Times.

The New York Times reports that Uber popular analogue in Iran has been removed from the App Store. Previously disappeared from the store apps for shopping and delivery of food.

From the response to Apple developers:

The App Store can not publish the application and cooperate with software developers from countries subject to U.S. embargo.

Because of sanctions Apple can’t conduct business on the territory of Iran, however, millions iPhone go into the country through smuggling, and developers use the App Store of other countries to publish applications.

The case of Iran is not the only one, because earlier this year Apple removed the app the New York Times in China. At the end of last month, the company began to remove VPN app from the Chinese App Store, citing the country’s legislation.

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