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Apple removed the LinkedIn app from the App Store at the request of Roskomnadzor

Apple removed the application from LinkedIn, the online App store at the request of Roskomnadzor. The Agency has included the social network in the register of banned resources on the basis of the decision of Tagansky district court of Moscow November 17, 2016 due to violations of the rights of storage of personal data Russians.

The Russian owners of iPhone and iPad can no longer download the app, LinkedIn app for iOS. Google Play, the app is still available for download, but, according to the newspaper the New York Times, should also be blocked.

In November of this year, Roskomnadzor in accordance with the decisions of the courts made the social network LinkedIn in the register of banned information, after which the operators began to block this resource on the territory of Russia. This is the first case of blocking of one of the largest social networks in Russia.

If Roskomnadzor decided to block LinkedIn app in the App Store and Google Play, in the “black list” would have to be the IP addresses of Google and Apple, which means shops these corporations have perestali to work in Russia.

Apple told the NYT that the company was asked to remove a LinkedIn app in Russia about a month ago, but refused to comment further. Google was unable to confirm that the LinkedIn app in Russian Google Play blocked, but said that they respect the laws in the countries where the company operates.

Social network for search and establishment of business contacts LinkedIn was founded by American entrepreneur Reid Hoffman in December 2002 and launched in may 2003. In 2015 LinkedIn has been registered 400 million people worldwide, including 5 million users from Russia.

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Administration LinkedIn after blocking in Russia invited users to return the money for unused paid services. “If you purchased access to one of the services LinkedIn but no longer can use it as a result of blocking by the authorities access to our platform, contact us to receive a refund proportional to the unused time,” wrote LinkedIn.

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