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Apple removed from the App Store, the popular Instagram client, collecting the names and passwords of users

Apple removed from the App Store, the popular social network Instagram, after it was revealed that the app collects names and passwords of users.

Malicious activity InstaAgent found developer David L-R studied the application code. He found that the client sends the names and user passwords unencrypted on the remote server. The latter is not connected to the official network Instagram.

David L-R contacted InstaAgent, however, the company stated that such use of personal data provided in its privacy policy and user agreement. Specialists identified suspicious behavior, note that the developers are able to collect data with a certain malicious intent, including publishing photos under false accounts.

To remove InstaAgent was leading in the ranking of free apps in several countries, including Canada and the UK. While users praised the program for the opportunity to learn about who has viewed their profile in Instagram.

Interestingly, almost simultaneously with the removal InstaAgent from the App Store this client has been removed from the app store and Google Play, where it had reached 500,000 downloads. Many times InstaAgent was downloaded and iOS gadgets.

The interest in what happens to user data on smartphones has increased markedly last year after two British researchers released information, have long been known to specialists: the mobile device record in a memory data about the movement of the device and save them when you sync your device with your PC.

Discoveries relating to some not very publicized features of mobile devices and popular applications, caused quite a stir in the US and Europe, where individuals especially sensitive to his private life and the right to her secret, but with time, everything seems to have started to get used to such scandals.

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Apple has not commented on the removal of InstaAgent. But this app is unlikely to ever get back in the App Store.

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