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Apple removed from the App Store BY allowing you to block the advertising inside the app

Apple removed from the App Store advertising blockers, which restrict the display of advertisements within applications. The official explanation of the company – unsafe operation mechanism of the service.

Under the ban hit, that might pass through their servers user data to filter the ads. Among such applications was the utility Been Choice, which was able to block ads not only in third-party mobile apps, but in Apple’s own applications, for example, News.

Experts have suggested that blocking the ads in the native iOS programs can interfere with the system of earnings used by many developers. In addition, blocking ads in their own apps, and Apple is hurting its own interests. But in Cupertino realized it in time. Today, the company has been removed from the App Store app Been Choice, and made a plausible explanation.

It is argued that when using these services, attackers can access users ‘ personal information. “Apple is the guardian of personal information and the safety of users, – said the representative of the company. – We have removed some apps from the App Store, installed the root certification allows you to monitor network users ‘data”.

In accordance with the privacy policy, service Choice Been analyzing the traffic to gain access to the following data: information about the device, the operator and the network identifier of the gadget, the application, information about the user and “content of communications and transactions” (except for the financial applications and e-Commerce application). Thus, the user gave even more information than in the case of traditional TV ads. The developers have stated that do not store user personal information, however, is not convinced Apple that has Been removed Choice from the application catalog.

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Been Choice the creators have stated that they intend to return the app in the App Store, disabling the ad-blocking feature within programs.

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