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Apple removed from the App Store all games with the Confederate flag

Apple removed from the App Store games that use the Confederate flag. The company’s actions came in response to the outbreak in the United States the discussion of the correct use of this attribute.

In the US gaining momentum spirited discussion of the correct use of the Confederate flag, which some see as a reminder of the injustice that preceded the Civil war, while the other is a tribute to those killed in its course. In response to these discussions Apple removed from the App Store all the war games that use the Confederate flag. Later it also became known that the company was excluded from the application directory not only war games, but also any others that use the Confederate flag, regardless of its context.

Apple representatives said that the Confederate flag is often used in an insulting sense, contrary to the principles of the company. Maxim Bolt from Game Labs commented on the removal of the app: “We accept the decision of Apple and understand that this issue is very sensitive for the American nation. We wanted to make our game as accurate as possible, the historical and playable reproduction of the battle of Gettysburg”. The developer added that the historical film “Gettysburg” is still on iTunes, and that he believes that all forms of transmission of information: books, movies or games to help study the history and display of past events as they happened.

The creators of the historical strategy of Ultimate General: Gettysburg Civil war in the USA, in turn, refused to remove the Confederate flags from the game after its removal from the App Store. The game authors have noted that I understand Apple’s decision to remove all application containing the flags of the Confederacy, but would like to Ultimate General: Gettysburg correspond to historical realities and adequately represent the battle of Gettysburg, including all the little things.

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The Confederate flag is the second fame of the American flag after the official stars and stripes. The flag in the Civil war who served with the Confederate battle flag became a symbol of very conservative Americans from the South are not ashamed of their racist views. Once in Charleston 21-year-old supporter of the ideas of the superiority of the white race Dylan Ruth shot nine blacks, America went to war with the Confederate flag — the products with it was withdrawn from sale a large company, many politicians began to condemn him hanging.

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