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Apple released tvOS 9.2 beta 6 with support for folders, and Bluetooth keyboards and a new multitasking

Along with the announcement of the presentation on 21 March, Apple has issued a new developer Assembly – tvOS 9.2 beta 6. The test release is available for download on the company’s website in the Resources section in the presence of a developer account.

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tvOS 9.2 is the third update for original Apple TV platform. The first update tvOS 9.0.1 debuted in November of last year, a week after the release of the final version of the OS. Closer to the year end, tvOS 9.1 for Apple TV 4.

In the tested tvOS 9.2 update Apple added support for Bluetooth keyboards for convenient filling of passwords and data on sites, folders, home screen, and Siri support for new languages, including Spanish and French (available only in the US and Canada). Also in the Assembly improved the multitasking panel.

In addition, the update added support for iCloud service Mediateka. Now all photos and videos uploaded to the cloud with iPhone, iPad and Mac, can be viewed on the TV screen. The second innovation concerns the Live Photos. For the new release announced full support of live photos off iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s. Finally, another innovation tvOS 9.2 is called the conference Mode (Conference Room Display Mode). Read more about all the changes in tvOS 9.2 can be found here.

The set of developers for the new edition tvOS includes a set of Xcode tools, compilers and frameworks for software development for the Apple TV device. In addition, developers can use the Xcode IDE and the instruments for statistics and analysis.

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Download tvOS 9.2 beta 6 from Apple’s website. To download via OTA you must install a device configuration profile. The latest available on the download page firmware the developer’s site.

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