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Apple released the public iOS version 10.2.1 beta 2 and macOS Sierra 10.12.3 beta 2

Wednesday along with watch OS 3.1.3 beta 1, Apple has issued among users of the public betas of iOS updates 10.2.1 beta 2 and macOS Sierra 10.12.3 beta 2, which debuted to developers earlier this week.

Currently 10.2.1 to install iOS beta 2 and macOS Sierra 10.12.3 beta 2 can not only users who have paid $100 for participating in the Apple Developers Program, but everyone within the public program testing

10.2.1 iOS Public Beta 2 correspond to the development version, released on Tuesday. It fixes some bugs of original release, but the OS itself free from spam in your iCloud calendar, which previously complained, many owners of iPhone and iPad. In addition, the developers have included in the update an additional diagnostic feature for the iPhone 6s, which collects a variety of data to assist Apple with the improvement of control algorithms for battery.

To install iOS 10.2.1 beta 2 in the open test programs, you need to go to the page and to complete a short registration by specifying settings of the Apple ID. All details can be found by clicking on this link.

As for macOS Sierra 10.12.3 beta 2, it was not detected any significant changes. Apple is not talking about significant innovations in the OS and only indicate the improved stability, compatibility, and correction of defects in work Mac. The main reason was for the release of update was bug fixes made during the development of previous versions.

The final version of watch OS 3.1.3, iOS and macOS 10.2.1 Sierra 10.12.3 operating systems Apple is scheduled for early 2017.

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