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Apple released the first update for Safari Technology Preview

The Apple has issued the first update to the test version of Safari Technology Preview, released in late March. The release includes a long list of changes aimed at improving support for JavaScript, CSS, and update the API web interface and improved web inspector.

Wishing thrills and innovation that are not available in stable versions of Safari, now it is not necessary to put the beta version of OS X. Safari Technology Preview is installed into the operating system regardless of the already loaded version of the browser and is addressed to those users who would earlier other to gain access to the latest features and are willing to put up with a certain number of errors and malfunctions.

Safari Technology Preview provides tools for creating web applications and the latest features “to break.” You can start it simultaneously with the regular version of Safari that simplifies development and testing. The Technology Preview icon Safari purple and not blue like the stable version.

All local data Safari Technology Preview is stored separately, including history, bookmarks, cookies and cache. Bookmarks and history can be synchronized via iCloud. In the developer version of the browser the Develop menu enabled by default.

The first update for Safari Technology Preview became available through the Mac App Store. Apple is planning to release new versions of a browser more often than the version for ordinary users.

Original download Safari Technology Preview available on the website of Apple developer. The company warns that this version of the browser for developers and testers, so its work may fail.

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