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Apple released promotional video of the iPhone 6s with Jon Favreau [video]

Apple has released a new promotional video of the iPhone 6s, with the participation of American actor and producer Jon Favreau. Video available on official YouTube channel of the company.

In a promotional video duration 15 seconds Favreau demonstrates the capabilities of personal assistant Siri without using your hands. Being on the Director’s site, he asked Siri to show him pictures of flying squirrels and demonstrates the voice assistant in the iPhone 6s images of animal.

“the iPhone 6s is here and the only thing that’s different about Siri is all. Because now you can just say “Hey, Siri” and Siri will respond to you. Can be very very convenient,” reads the video description.

Jon Favreau is not the first to advertise personal assistant Apple. In a recent clip promoting his Jimi Fox: actor teased Siri after she said that he looks attractive — so subtle hint at the love the voice assistant in his master. In another video comedian bill Heidler asked Siri to read him an email.

This week was released two TV commercials of the iPhone 6s, which told about the performance flagship smartphone and the “Hey, Siri”.

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