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Apple released macOS Sierra 10.12.4 for Mac with the new regime Night Shift

After iOS 10.3, watchOS tvOS 3.2 and 10.2, Apple has distributed the final version of macOS Sierra 10.12.4. The upgrade came two months after the start of testing among the developers and participants of the program testing. You can download it on any compatible Mac from the updates tab of the Mac App Store.

Some global changes at the interface level macOS Sierra 10.12.4 not be held. In this update Apple developers have prepared a fix for the major bugs and implemented improvements to the performance of the Mac. Update improves stability and compatibility with computers and is recommended for all users with compatible machines.

The emphasis in macOS 10.12.4 was placed on improving the mechanisms for protecting and improving the performance, stability, compatibility, and security, as well as on fixing bugs of the previous release. Among the main innovations of release should be considered a Night Shift mode that is used to adjust the color temperature of the screen at certain times of the day.

Mode Night Shift first appeared on iOS last year. A function can make colors on a computer screen more comfortable for evening or night work. “Makovod” can choose how warm is the color temperature during operation of the function — the higher the rate is, the more orange it becomes the color palette.

Also in macOS 10.12.4 adds support for dictation on the Shanghai dialect to convert text to speech. Voice assistant Siri received the ability to display different information on the game of cricket has also been improved tools PDFKit.

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The final version of macOS 10.12.4 became available on Mac computers from the section Updates the Mac App Store. The release is free, details can be found on the official website

Mac users who prefer not to update to macOS Sierra, you can do so at any time. The operating system can download OS X Yosemite and El Capitan. OS presents in the Mac App Store, and in addition it applies with Apple.

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