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Apple released a new version of iCloud for Windows

Apple has updated the official client iCloud for Windows to version 6.2.2. To download the free app supporting the service iCloud photo Library, can free all PC users.

In iCloud for Windows, according to documentation, Apple’s developers fixed 22 vulnerabilities. Including a fix for a bug that allows attackers to remotely control devices. Also closed the vulnerability in wireless chips, which the hackers used to gain control over the gadgets.

iCloud for Windows is designed to work with the service iCloud photo Library on Windows. The mechanism provides the ability to synchronize an unlimited number of content through the cloud. With the launch of the service images and videos in full can be uploaded to the Apple cloud. The originals of these files will no longer be on the iPhone and iPad that will allow you to save some space.

In addition to supporting iCloud photo Library, sixth edition iCloud for Windows brought to the PC support two-factor authentication. Technology is designed to improve the security of user data and to save their Apple account even if someone else gets access to the password.

Note that to access the files in iCloud Drive not only from devices on Windows, iOS and macOS, but also through the browser on any computer. Previously, Apple has updated the site by allowing you to view the contents of iCloud via the browser.

Download the public version of iCloud for Windows at this link.

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