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Apple released a new version of Apple Music for Android with video support and family

Apple has released an updated app music Apple Music service for Google’s mobile platform, adding a number of features that have owners of the iPhone and iPad. In particular, the owners of Android devices can now view the clips and use the service under the family tariff plan.

With the support of the family plan user groups up to six people can sign up for the Apple Music service for just 269 per month. For this purpose even not necessary to have same Apple ID: you can simply connect an iCloud family sharing. Normal Apple Music membership costs $ 169 per month.

In addition to the design possibilities of a family subscription, the app update Apple Music for Android lets you view music videos. For Android version is a big step, since Apple largely relies on exclusive content.

In addition, the update improved performance. The developers listened to the requests of the users who reported the highest stability client Apple Music. Now everything should be much better.

The Apple Music app for Android was released in November of 2015, a few months after the release of the iOS version. It also includes a three-month free testing period. After that, the subscription price will be the same $ 169 per month.

In the rest of the Android-version is identical to iOS. The application has the same tabs: “For you” recommendations based on a selected their favorite artists, “New” with the latest releases, “For”, Connect, “Playlists” and “My music”.

Apple Music for Android is an ideal application for the Apple mobile platform Google. The first was released earlier in 2015 a utility to migrate from Android-smartphone on the iPhone “Move to iOS”.

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