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Apple refused to use anti-theft cables for iPhone in their stores [photos]

On Friday the UK capital has opened after the renovation of the Central store of Apple. Visitors updated outlets drew attention to an unusual change: now a demo of the iPhone and iPad are not attached to the Windows of anti-theft cables.

According to current market research, the open display of technology increases sales at least twice. However, this increases the risk of theft of the goods by unscrupulous customers.

Apple believed that for the sake of aesthetics and convenience of customers, the company is more profitable to abandon the ugly cables of the alarm. Visitor to the store will be easier to discover with a mobile device to test the ergonomics of the smartphone in hand or pocket. Moreover, the function activation lock will not allow criminals to use stolen iPhone or iPad.

Brand Apple stores in London and Toronto were the first that do not use EAS system. In the near future the company plans to abandon them in all their outlets.

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