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Apple refused to release Olympic straps for the Apple Watch with the flag of Russia

In connection with recent events the chances of Russian national team to compete at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro did, apparently, the very small decision of the International sports arbitration (CAS). The latter rejected the collective claim of the Russian athletes, demanding to cancel the decision of the International athletics Federation (IAAF) not to allow them to the Olympics.

Doping scandal that erupted in the spring of this year, questioned the participation of the Russian team at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Apparently it was guided by Apple when they launched a new series of Olympic straps for smart watches Apple Watch. The collection includes a dozen models with flags of different countries, among which Russia is missing.

According to Gq, the Olympic straps for Apple Watch will be available in the range of the Apple store at the Mall of Barra da Tijuca. Limited edition straps made of nylon dedicated to the countries participating in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Apple will offer 14 straps with the flags of USA, UK, Holland, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Jamaica, Canada, China, Brazil, Australia, Germany and France. For some reason, in the series there was no place for Russia, not reported. Straps will be sold at a price of $49.

Note that at the moment Russian athletes suspended from all international competitions. It happened after the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) was expelled from the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) because of allegations of systematic use by the Russians of doping.

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18 July the Independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has published the results of a study stating that the FSB was involved in the substitution of doping tests of athletes during the winter Olympic games 2014 in Sochi. WADA recommended to suspend work of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA), to recognize its non-compliant to the WADA code and to deprive the membership of the all-Russian athletics Federation in international organizations.

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