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Apple refused to refund the money for the “blown up” Apple Watch Edition cost $10 000 [video]

Great TechRax, regularly subjecting to torture the iPhone, decided to depart from the usual genre and took the draw in the Apple store. The plot is simple: the owner of the Apple Watch Edition cost $10 000 tries to return the device that exploded from him in 5 minutes after purchase. The watch, of course, did not explode — they were neatly cut in half.

Having laid in a box “killed” Apple Watch, the Joker went to the Apple store and told the officer the story, asking them to return the money back.

“Watch exploded on me!” — said the blogger. “Exploded in his hand?” — surprised by the consultant. According to him, in the morning, coming out of the Apple Store with expensive purchase on his arm, he noticed that the gadget began to heat up and pop. Panicky by, the blogger tried to remove them, but he failed. The situation was saved scissors, watch with already smoked! “They could have killed me!” — concludes his story by TechRax, stressing that Apple didn’t Watch five minutes.

The consultant offered to take the watch to the examination. “You’re killing me, bro,” said TechRax. But the Apple Store employee explained that the situation is serious. The device is expensive and, according to the client, potentially dangerous. A half-hour examination is necessary. “I understand that it is bothering you,” he apologized consultant.

Half an hour later the consultant brought disappointing news. Unfortunately, the store may not help, since such treatment has already been registered to another Apple Store. Blogger confirmed that previously went to another store, but to help him get there are unable, notes Hi-tech.mail. “Call to Apple Care,” concluded the consultant. Frustrated TechRax started hitting the Golden Apple on the window.

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At the end of the experiment, the blogger decided to lighten the atmosphere and said it was a joke. But the consultant was decently excited. He said that shooting is banned from the Apple Store and wished the visitor have a good day.

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