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Apple refused to license Apple’s Music player for Chromecast Audio

At a recent presentation, Google introduced many new products that are designed to compete with the Apple products. In addition to the Pixel C tablet and two smartphone Nexus, Internet giant showed the world the second generation Chromecast is digital media player and new player for streaming music Chromecast Audio.

Based on the stated functionality audio dongle, it is able to broadcast a music stream using Wi-Fi connection. As the output device can be any external speakers or headphones. At the presentation, Google announced that Chromecast Audio supports a large number of numerous music services. Among them are Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Google Music, Tuneln Radio. That is very unusual, but predictable, the new gadget does not support the popular Apple Music.

Why “good company” refused to support Apple? Journalists TrustedReviews figured out some details. As it turned out, the iPhone maker was not willing to cooperate with Google on this issue. Very strange, since the popularization of the music service could play a handy to the company and bring additional profit.

However, Google representatives said that their plans include the integration of the Apple Music into its own media player.

“Certainly, we intend to work closely with Apple and are always willing to add support for its streaming service, stated in the press service of Google. – Our SDK can work for everyone. Let’s hope that Apple will agree to cooperate.”

It is unlikely for someone to become a big surprise this behavior of cupertinos. Although with the recent entry of Apple in the phase of active cooperation with Microsoft, working together with Google to promote their own music service was clear. Perhaps soon the ice will move and things will change for the better.

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Audio Chromecast is already on sale in 17 countries for $35.

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