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Apple refused to hack the iPhone to U.S. intelligence officials, despite a court order

Apple plans to appeal a court ruling on unlocking iPhone arrow from San Bernardino. The day before the company is required to provide data to the FBI, which is still unsuccessfully trying to crack the iPhone 5c, which belonged to liquidated terrorist Saeed Farouk. The reasons for refusal outlined in an open letter to Apple CEO Tim cook.

“The U.S. government asked us to create for them something that doesn’t exist, and we don’t want to do. They were asked to create a “back door” for the iPhone. The FBI is asking to create a special version of the operating system, which will have some protection mechanisms to install it on the phone, obtained during the investigation,” said cook.

The requirement of U.S. intelligence related to the mechanism of selection of the password to the iPhone: they asked to give them the opportunity to enter a password electronically and remove the locking mechanism of the device after several unsuccessful attempts. According to cook, such a requirement will allow the U.S. authorities in the future if you wish to access any Apple gadget.

“Many years we use encryption to protect personal information of our customers because we are confident: this is the only way to keep information safe. We even made it so that these data are not available for us, as we believe that what users have on their iPhone is none of our business,” said cook.

Apple CEO added that the decision to challenge the court ruling was difficult for the company.

“The decision to challenge the requirement was difficult for us. We consider it necessary to Express their fears that seems like an abuse of power”, – remarked the CEO of the Corporation.

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According to the decision of the Federal judge of the United States from February 16 2016, Apple is expected to assist the FBI in unlocking an iPhone of one of the terrorists responsible for the murder in San Bernardino December 2, 2015.

The Ministry of justice appealed to the court to get a warrant “in the hope of finding key evidence” in the murder of 14 people. Issued the document instructs Apple to crack the encryption, and disable the function that erases data stored on the iPhone after ten failed attempts at entering the password. Disable will allow law enforcement officers to carry out brute force attack and access the contents of the device.

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