Apple refused to give US authorities permanent access to the data of its devices & nbsp

The American corporation Apple refused on an ongoing basis to give the US authorities access to the data of users of its devices, but agreed to cooperate in the investigation. This is stated in the statement of the company, the content of which is given by TASS.
The document notes that the company after the shooting of a Saudi soldier Muhammad al-Shamrani on the basis of the US Navy Pensacola provided the FBI with all the available information and actively cooperated with the investigation. The company indicated that in the framework of this case and thousands of others they continue to collaborate around the clock with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

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At the same time, the corporation indicated that they did not consider it expedient to provide the American authorities with the technical opportunity to permanently have access to the data of users of its devices. According to Apple, if law enforcement agencies provide this opportunity, fraudsters can take advantage of it.
Earlier, US Attorney General William Barr criticized Apple for cooperating with Russia and China and its unwillingness to help American intelligence agencies. He stated that the company advocated for the right to privacy, but was ready to “cooperate with authoritarian regimes” if it came to business interests.
This statement was made by Barr due to the fact that the FBI was able to access the phone of a Saudi cadet who arranged firing at an air base in Florida. As a result, evidence was found confirming that the shooting at an American air base in Florida in December 2019 was related to the al-Qaeda international terrorist group (banned in Russia).

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