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Apple refused to fix for free problems with graphics in MacBook Pro 2011

Apple excluded from the program of free repair of laptops with the problem graphics card MacBook Pro 2011 edition. This is evidenced by the section “Repair Extension Program for Video Issues” on the website of the company.

Apple has launched a program of free repair MacBook Pro with a defective graphics card in early 2015. The manufacturer has committed to perform the repair of the laptop, even if the warranty is already over. At the moment, under the repair program covered MacBook Pro with Retina display only 2012 and 2013 model years.

On a special page of the website, users can find out if it qualifies for free repair as well as the conditions of participation in the program.

For some reason, Apple removed from the program laptops 2011, not reported. It is known that disruptions in the affected MacBook pros sold between February 2011 to December 2013. Such laptops the image may be distorted or suddenly disappear altogether. Problems occur with heavy use of graphics: it can be gaming, watching HD video, etc., Some laptops are prone to spontaneous reboot. Some users the image completely disappears – when you start the MacBook Pro displays a blue or grey screen.

Sometimes it helps to restart or reinstall the OS, but after a while the problem returns.

For repairs MacBook with a defective video card, you should contact an authorized partner of Apple. Before doing this you must backup the data on the computer.

The program covers 15 – and 17-inch MacBook Pro. Among the symptoms of a defective graphics: distorted or scrambled video on the computer screen, no image on the screen (or external display) – enabled computer, the computer spontaneously rebooted.

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If your laptop is experiencing any of these symptoms and does not apply to models subject to repair programs, you do not need to contact Apple or its authorized service representatives.

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