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Apple refused the sharing of patents with the largest Android manufacturers

Every IT company has a portfolio of patents that it uses to produce its products or provide their partners on the agreed terms. Google announced the creation of a patent initiative PAX, the idea of which is to simplify life for companies operating mobile market. Apple refused to take part in this initiative.

The patent system allows manufacturers to protect their intellectual property from third parties. But often the abuse of this system or misuse of the patents impeded progress. Patent licensing platform PAX focuses on cooperation and exchange of development, rather than on legal battles.

Google appealed to all companies, big and small, to consider membership in PAX, which is free. The proposal was received and the manufacturer of the iPhone, but he refused. Despite the fact that for Apple this is a great opportunity to use a large number of patents, without thinking about possible litigation, in Cupertino not in a hurry to share its developments with the Android manufacturers.

At the moment members of the PAX are nine companies: Google, Samsung, LG, HTC, Foxconn, Coolpad, BQ, HMD Global and Allview. These nine companies own more than 230 000 patents that are registered worldwide.

Companies that are members of the PAX, agree to joint use of each other patents. No royalties are not provided.

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