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Apple refused the call of the shareholders to increase the number of Asians and blacks in the management of the company

In early February, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) published the text of the resolution of Apple’s shareholders in which holders of the company expressed dissatisfaction with the demographic structure of the staff. In particular, from the leadership of the California giant was required to increase ethnic diversity in top management. According to The Verge, Apple declined to discuss the matter with shareholders.

“A small group of Apple investors [led by Tony Maldonado] is making efforts to ensure that the company deliberately worked on increasing diversity in the company. For the second year in a row, they send a request to change the policy of recruitment to increase diversity in senior management and Board of Directors.”

“In the SEC, Apple’s Board of Directors recommended that shareholders vote against this proposal. The company indicated that already have been making serious attempts to increase diversity among employees and in the last three years has made “great progress in attracting more women and underrepresented minorities.” The proposed policy, said in the Apple, is not necessary or appropriate because “we have already demonstrated our dedication to the ideals of diversity and participation”, – specifies the edition.

Previously Director of human resources at Apple’s Denise young Smith said that since that time the Corporation has improved the gender and ethnic diversity of the staff. A new course in the corporate recruitment policy has allowed to increase the share of women among hired employees up to 35%, and black – up to 8%.

Apple representatives noted that they are actively trying to attract minorities, but “can’t be responsible for what employees will come under the essential requirements”.

Apple emphasizes all the time that the issues of ensuring social and cultural diversity, it goes beyond such traditional categories as race, gender and nationality, and takes into account features that are “not usually used”, for example veteran status hostilities, sexual orientation, disability. The total number of staff of the company worldwide is around 100,000 people.

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