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Apple refused the bloggers in the repair iMac Pro for 5000 dollars – video

All owners of iMac Pro should be extremely careful, because in case of breakage, even Apple will not be able to help.

The owners of the YouTube channel LinusTechTips has damaged your costly computer professional and went to authorized service center for assistance. Bloggers were ready to pay any money for repairs, but Apple turned them down, as they were not able to find suitable components.

LinusTechTips team “dismantled” iMac Pro for experimental purposes. Just look at what is a computer. Now they will have to buy a new one. The idea is that if Apple can’t repair parts, employees simply need to give the customer a new device, but to take the money only for repairs.

Apple has always reserved the right to refuse free repair anyone who deliberately damaged a device. In this case, for the account of the buyer company were always ready to repair or replace the device. Why, in fact, this time that did not happen.

Probably bloggers ruined two of the most expensive parts of the device: 5K display, and according to AppleInsider, the motherboard. In this case, the repair will simply cost more than new “machine”. iMac Pro, appearing in a video is 4,999 dollars. AppleInsider journalists made contact with competent persons and found that the average repair of the computer will cost 5 $ 500. Considering the fact that been damaged by the motherboard without a CPU.

So before you blame Apple should think about all the pros and cons of potential repairs. In the future better on their own do not disassemble such expensive computers.

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