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Apple received a patent on the dock with moveable connector

The patent and trademark office on Tuesday issued Apple a patent for a new docking station with a special connector and a rotary mechanism. The essence of the design that ensures the mobility of the connector inside the dock, clearly transferred the images to the document.

Requisition number 9075573 on innovative Doc was filed by Apple in 2012. The patent describes a docking station for mobile devices with durable movable connector. As follows from the description of the technology, in Cupertino suggest using the footings of the movable connector which automatically extends and changes the tilt angle during installation and removal. This allows you to avoid accidental damage to your mobile device.

“If the smartphone or tablet connected to the dock, pressure is applied, the device will change position, and the connector will remain intact. Thus, the movable holder connector reduces the risk of breakage”, – stated in the patent.

A special mechanism will significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to the docking station and plug her iPhone or iPad. Now there are cases, when the stand and the connector of the device fail due to incorrect connection/disconnection. The design is patented docking station provides for the return of the gadget to its original position once the applied force disappears. In other words, the connector will be spring loaded.

Patented design can be used in branded docking stations for smartphones and tablets Apple. However when these accessories will be presented for sale, is unknown.

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