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Apple received a patent for ultrasonic sensor 3D Touch

Apple received a patent for ultrasonic sensor, which is able to recognize the touch screen. It is reported by Appleinsider.

Apple received a patent for the ultrasonic sensor detect the strength clicking on the screen. New technology determines the pressing force with the help of emission and identify ultrasonic pulses. For example, when the finger hard to the display, the area occupied of the surface increases and absorbs a large percentage of the outgoing pulse. The ultrasonic sensor could be mounted below the display or above it.

Modern 3D Touch on the iPhone determines the pressing force by changing the capacitive resistance between the cover glass smartphone and touch metal layer embedded in the backlight device. When the user clicks on the glass, the distance between it and the sensor decreases, which leads to a reduction of capacity.

The modern principle of 3D Touch responds accurately to the touch, but takes a lot of space inside the smartphone. It is expected that with this patent, Apple engineers were able to reduce the mechanism of 3D Touch. According to one version, the iPhone X have not received a fingerprint scanner built into the display, due to the large size of the components of 3D Touch.

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