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Apple received a patent for a “smart” keys for car

With the help of iPhone or the Apple Watch has long been possible to start the car, however, in Cupertino have decided to go even further. Apple has developed a special method by which the owner of the car will be able to create temporary keys for your friends or loved ones.

The patent describes the primary device, which gives the driver full control of the machine: with the help of this device you can open all doors, start the engine, activate personal security settings, etc.

In addition, such a device will be able to authorize for these purposes, and additional devices: for example, it has the ability to let third-party smartphone to perform one, multiple or all core functions on driving for a certain period.

So, the owner of the car will be able to authorize the mobile device of the friend for a couple of hours, so that he could ride, but at the end of the selected term temporary key will lose control of the car.

A temporary key can be almost any electronic device. In addition, in the area of application gets almost any vehicle. It is possible that this patent is another step on the way to creating an Apple Car.

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