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Apple received a patent for a fingerprint scanner built into the smartphone display

Apple, which plans in the fall to present a brand new iPhone, you may abandon a key element of the device. According to the documentation issued by the Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S., Apple developed a display that includes a feature of a fingerprint scanner.

We are talking about the patent, entitled “Acoustic imaging system architecture” (architecture of the system imaging), which provides for the scanning of the fingerprints of the user through a separate sensor in the Home button or the back panel, and directly using the display of the mobile device.

The document describes an array of acoustic transducers, which integrates under a display or protective glass of the smartphone. The structure of this component allows to read the biometric information by sound waves or pulses through the glass surface of the mobile device. Apple will be able to stop the key “Home” with the Touch ID module: its function will be to execute just the display of the iPhone.

A patent describing a new technology, reported in August 2016. As inventors identified Mohammad yoke Easydust, Giovanni Gozzini, Brian Michael king, mark Yip, Aaron Tucker and other Apple engineers.

Touch display that can work as a device reading biometric data, will save space and provide more design flexibility. In addition, the security of the iPhone, equipped with such a module will be brought to a new level, as the technology allows to simultaneously detect fingerprints from multiple fingers.

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