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Apple received a new patent for a virtual reality helmet for iPhone

Despite recent statements by Tim cook that Apple is more interested in augmented reality than virtual, recent patents, the company confirmed its interest in both directions. In them, the company describes a helmet designed to work with AR and VR.

That Apple is developing a wearable on the head of the device confirms the patent application entitled “Head Mounted Display System”. According to the description in the document, the device will resemble a virtual reality helmet of some other manufacturers. In particular, the iPhone is placed in a special compartment, after which the helmet is worn on the head, immersing the user into the world of 3D content.

The device includes a pair of lenses, a proximity sensor, touch panel buttons and controls with a smartphone. The developers have provided support for the virtual assistant Siri, so you can manage the content on the screen of the phone, giving voice commands.

The second patent registered by Apple in the US patent office, describes the ability to use the controller together with the helmet. It allows the most convenient way to manage iPhone, to configure the interface virtual reality, etc.

It should be noted that applications for those patents Apple has filed in 2015. There is no doubt that for subsequent years, the development of a virtual reality helmet company made significant progress.

However, on Apple’s plans for the practical implementation of the ideas is not known. According to some sources, the announcement of the device will be held this year together with the anniversary smartphone iPhone 8. Although it is believed that the world for the mass deployment of VR and AR is not ready yet due to the lack of relevant content, so the release of the accessory may be delayed until next year.

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