Apple ranks 4th in Fortune 500 & nbsp

Apple ranks 4th in the Fortune 500 ranking Apple ranks fourth in the annual list of the largest U.S. companies in terms of Fortune 500 in revenue, with revenues of $ 260.1 billion in fiscal 2019, behind Walmart, Amazon, and ExxonMobil.
In 2019, Mighty Apple slightly reduced its sales, falling by 2% to $ 260 billion, and the rating from 3 to 4. The ability of the computer and phone maker to make money softened the blow. Apple earned $ 55 billion. Three categories reveal the story of Apple's declining sales. IPhone sales, 55% of Apple's total sales, fell 14%. An increase in sales of services such as streaming and subscription by 18% of the total volume increased by 16%. And wearable devices (AirPods and Watch) and other non-telephone accessories (iPod, HomePods and Beats) rose 41%, but they account for only 9% of total revenue.
Apple has been in the top five for five consecutive years, although after the third quarter of 2019, it went down by 1 point. Other well-known technology companies this year are: Alphabet Google in 11th place, Microsoft in 21st and Facebook in 46th.

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