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Apple raised the price on the iPhone trade-in program – now for the iPhone 4s offer $50

From Apple customers who have used the program for the admission of older iPhone and iPad models on account of payment new, has repeatedly received complaints. Users unhappy with lowest estimated cost of Apple gadgets.

To take the customer on any old thing in part payment of the purchase — has long been a common marketing ploy. Apple with 2013 allows owners of iPhones, iPads and Macs to buy to replace the old model of the last generation. You would need to bring a certified smartphone or tablet to the service center, and its cost will be credited to new purchase.

To stimulate consumer demand for the iPhone since June 1, the company increased the estimated cost of the models. Now for the iPhone 4s the company offers a $50 instead of $35. For a used iPhone 5 can be sold for $100, instead of $85, but for the flagship of the 2013 iPhone 5s is $200 instead of $175. The amount depends on the technical condition of the device.

After evaluation, the relevant amount is credited to a gift card, which you can purchase new iPhone and iPad. Cash funds for such a map is impossible. Thus, under the program, new devices must be “attached” to the operator and activated on the spot.

At the moment the program on replacement of older smartphones and tablets on the new iPhone and iPad operating in the USA, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, China and some other countries. Russian users a trade-in program will be available after the appearance in the country of branded Apple stores.

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