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Apple raised prices on music in the Russian iTunes for a “tax on Google”

Apple has increased the price of songs and albums in the Russian branch of iTunes. The company has revised prices in the music store next week after it raised the cost of annual subscription to iTunes Match.

1 January in Russia came into force a law on the so-called “tax on Google” by which foreign companies should pay VAT at the rate of 18% of sales of products via the Internet. Very soon other companies, including the same Google, has increased the price of its multimedia content.

In January users of Apple devices when making purchases from the iTunes Store began to receive the bills which mention the inclusion in the purchase price, including VAT. That is, the company has not increased the price of apps and content in the App Store: instead, the charge is included in existing rates.

However, on March 10, Apple announced an increase in the cost of annual subscription to iTunes Match in Russia for 130 rubles in connection with the introduction of a “tax on Google”. Now, the company has revised the prices from the iTunes music store. If the price of one song was 15 rubles, now it is 18, 19 or 22 rubles. In addition, the changed value of the albums from 199 to 169 rubles.

Does Apple review prices on Apple Music in Russia is not yet known. At the moment the price of a subscription music service in Russia – one of the lowest in the world.

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