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Apple pulled iOS 9.3 because of activation problems on older devices

Last night Apple released a new build of iOS 9.3 (13E236) designed for iPad 2. After the transition to the new version of the tablet users complained of problems with access to the activation servers and the error “Your iPad could not be activated, the activation service is temporarily unavailable”. Many users had experienced similar problems and Apple quickly corrected the misunderstanding.

With the release of the updated version of iOS 9.3 for iPad 2 there is confusion, because there is a second failure, also associated with the activation of gadgets. It touches on many older devices, including the iPad Air and earlier models of the tablet as well as iPhone 5s / 5C / 5 and iPhone 4s.

Due to a second failure Apple has decided to remove the iOS update 9.3 for many of their devices. Because of this bug, attempt to upgrade the OS can turn the gadget into a “brick”, in that case, if the user cannot enter or enters an incorrect password for Apple ID. Try rebooting your smartphone or tablet doesn’t help — the user gets stuck at the stage of activation of the device.

At the time, as an update to iOS for iPad 2 9.3 has fixed the first problem with activation, it did not eliminate the second and more common bug. Now Apple does not sign iOS 9.3 for older devices, so now the owners of iPad Air and earlier models, iPad mini 2 and iPhone 5s and below and below can’t download and install iOS 9.3.

Apple disabled the ability to update, but promised as soon as possible to resolve the issue. The solution will be in the form of a new build of iOS 9.3, will be released in the coming days. Until then, users with older devices are recommended to stay on iOS 9.2.1.

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