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Apple published in new York a huge banner Beats 1 in anticipation of the launch of Apple Music

Advertising campaign Apple is known around the world. Spectacular, large-scale, exciting… they are meant to unite people around the world and inspire them. The advertising campaign of the manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad awaken in each of us the strength to something more, a desire to live a bright life.

To cover maximum number of people around the world, Apple uses a variety of promotional tools – advertising campaign that uses video and outdoor advertising. All this makes a colorful and vibrant campaign that promotes the involvement of users.

In anticipation of the launch of a new music service Apple published in new York a huge advertising banner. On the Billboard, located on the square in times Square, advertised Beats 1 – 24 hour online radio station with DJs from new York, Los Angeles and London. The advertising slogan of the campaign “Worldwide. Always on” (“At any point of the world. Always works”). The poster indicated date of launch music service Apple Music – 6.30.2015.

A photo of a poster tweeted a well-known British DJ and radio host Zane Lowe. The musician, who has established a reputation as a trendsetter in the world of music, he went to work at Apple early in the year. It is noteworthy that the banner is missing the logo “Apple” of the company in Cupertino decided not to abandon the brand Beats, which many people associate with the music.

The radio station called Beats 1 is already available for users of beta versions of iOS 8.4 and iOS 9. It stands out among other topics, a selection of songs for her will be the people, not the program.

Internet radio is included with the Apple Music. The company claims that it is different from all the competition that has absorbed all the best that exists in this market. As with other similar platforms, the service will be able to accommodate the preferences of each user, in order to provide the most suitable music.

Apple Music earns 30 June with the final release of iOS 8.4. The first three months of use will be free. After this month Apple Music will cost $ 169. Immediately at the start the platform will be available in more than 100 countries, including Russia.

In addition to Apple devices, the service can be run on a Windows PC, and even on Android. However, the latest OS will get the opportunity in the autumn.

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