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Apple proposed to add the quick launch of the camera in iOS 10

iPhone are multifunction devices capable of doing many different things. Most often, of course, people use them to surf the web, chatting on social media and shooting. Many iPhone replaced the main camera.

Now to turn on the Camera, you need to find the app icon on the home screen or pull up the lower right area of the screen lock. The method is not sufficiently effective. Journalist iMore Rene Richie offered to add to iOS 10 the quick launch of the camera when using hardware buttons.

Some manufacturers of Android devices already have this capability. For example, on the Galaxy S7 camera launches double tap the Home button. Samsung is proud to feature “Fast start” allows you to open the camera per 0.7 seconds. On LG G5 so does double-clicking the volume. There is such a function and Nexus smartphones – the “reference” phones starting the camera occurs by double-pressing the power button.

In the case of the iPhone double click the Home button from sleep mode activates Apple Pay. A good option to turn on the camera might be the volume button, says Ritchie. Double tap would open the app, and the next to take a picture.

The way is easy, but far from perfect. In some cases, the camera will turn on randomly when you try to decrease the volume. In this case, Apple could lock down feature if, at the time of double-clicking will play the music.

An alternative would be the power button. Now double-clicking the side or the top end iPhone is not used.

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Many users would appreciate the function of quick launch the camera on the iPhone. Which option would be better: double tap the volume button or the power button? What do you think?

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