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Apple proposed a set of proprietary software for work with photo, video and audio for 12 000 rubles. instead of 48, 000.

Apple introduced in the curriculum package of their software to work with photos, video and audio content. A set of five professional applications are invited for 12 000 rubles, while buying separately will cost almost 48 000.

For $199 users can get promo codes to download Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4 MainStage 3. The cost of these apps in the Mac App Store is 22 990, 14 990, 3 790, 3 790 and 2 290 rubles, respectively.

Final Cut Pro X — professional video editing software for the operating system macOS. Solution for creating, editing and producing quality video was originally developed by Macromedia, then Apple. The latest version of Final Cut Pro X running macOS version 10.11.4.

Logic Pro X is a tool for professional music creation, processing and mixing sound. In the database program includes a large collection of musical instruments, effects and loops to create musical compositions.

Motion – animation-graphic production software that allows you to create motion graphics and character animation headers. Compressor, in turn, is designed to encode video and audio files in a professional format for distribution to devices and the Internet. Like Motion, used in conjunction with Final Cut Pro X.

Finally, MainStage turns the Mac into a powerful processor musical instruments and effects that can be used with tools, controllers, and other music devices with the music.

To book a package Bundle Pro Apps for Education is available in the online store at this link.

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