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Apple promised to release a new professional iMac this year

Before the release of the radically upgraded the workstation Mac Pro with a modular design Apple is planning to introduce a new professional iMac. The announcement of a monoblock will be held this year.

“We have big plans for the iMac, – said Vice-President of marketing for Apple’s Phil Schiller. We are going to offer configuration of the iMac specially for professional users.”

Top-Manager of Apple has not announced the specifications of new computers “all in one”. If the company plans to call the line “iMac Pro”, as yet unknown. But in Cupertino already confirmed that the new monoblocks will not be touch screens.

“No, – said Schiller. – The touch screen is not in the list that are interested in professional users. They are interesting primarily for performance, capacity and scalability”.

Vice President of software development Craig Federighi noted that the desktop iMac computers have become more powerful in recent years and is now coping with professional tasks.

“iMac have come a long evolutionary path for the last 10 years, said Federighi. – The original iMac was not designed for professional use. What today’s top-end configuration iMac 5K? They are incredibly productive. Tasks that previously required a Mac Pro now will be the current iMac”.

The timing of the release of the new iMac professional, information yet. The nearest WWDC, where you can expect the announcement of new products, will be held in early June.

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