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Apple produces daily 2-liter pot to test their products

In addition to the products and technologies that we can see with your own eyes, Apple invests millions of dollars into tools, which do not recognize the majority of ordinary consumers. One of the examples? Synthetic sweat.

Every day Apple produces about 2 liters of synthetic sweat to test new products. In the framework of the research, the company’s specialists are studying how sustainable a particular gadget for this type of fluid. About this fact told journalist Ariel Duhaime Ross, visited the headquarters of Apple.

During a tour of the lab managers of the company showed Ross a few flasks from the Apple Watch and the AirPods, immersed in the liquid. As it turned out, it’s not water, and synthetic pot, which is used to check the response of branded accessories.

It is worth noting that the pot long enough used in various industries, ranging from jewelry and clothes to cosmetics and credit cards. However, Apple is one of the few manufacturers of electronics, which conducts such tests.

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